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  • Description is exactly "103 reels of Bubble Chamber detector film from SLAC-BC-72-73. BC-72 was an Experiment to Study Charm Photoproduction in the SHF Exposed to a Polarized Monoenergetic Back Scattered Laser Beam of 20-GeV Photons. BC-72 was proposed by the SLAC Hybrid Facility Photon Collaboration, spokesperson Ken Moffeit. BC-72 was approved 7/10/1979. SLAC-PROPOSAL-BC-73 was combined with BC-72. SLAC-BC-73 was an Experiment to Measure the Lifetime and Other Properties of Charmed Mesons and Baryons using the SLAC 40 inch Chamber in the Backward Scattered Laser Beam. Spokesperson for BC-73 was George Kalmus of Rutherford Lab, Imperial College, England. There are two sizes of film reels for BC-72-73. 54 reels are 3 inch film (70mm) and 49 reels are 1.5 inch (35 mm). In most cases, there are 3 inch and 1.5 inch versions of each roll number. Each oversize box holds 6-9 reels; each reel of film is in an 11x11 inch box"