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  • Description is exactly "Memoranda, subcontracts, and technical reports concerning Klystron development with outside contractors including Litton, RCA, and SPERRY, as well as development of Thyratrons by Wagner corporation. Files provide information about successful and failed designs. Litton 400-S-129. Extended Life Warranty-- Operating Life Hours Reports, Invoices, Etc. Wagner Thyratrons ITT Thyratrons 515-S-504. Wagner 515-S-503 Thyratrons. 515-S-292 Contract ITT Electron Tube Division. ITT 515-S-664 Thyratron Tubes. Harshaw Chemical Company. RFP 311091 ITT and Wagner. 515-S-63 Thyratrons Wagner Electric. 515-S-64 ITT Thyratrons. 515-S-369 Contract Administration, Miscellaneous. RFP 911191 Pre-Award. Appraisals Book VIII A. Appraisals VIII B. Litton 515-S-48 Driver Amplifier Klystrons. EIMAC A-161. 400-S-61 EIMAC Contract Administration. 400-S-62 Litton Contract Administration. 400-S-93 RCA Repair Contract. 400-S-98 Sperry Repair Contract. 400-S-98 Sperry Klystron Repair, Contract Admin. 400-S-98 Sperry Klystron Repair, Pre-Award Section. LAPP 515-S-321 and P.O. US133645M. RCA S-169 Klystrons Subcontract S-168 - Sperry Contract Administration. S-169-RCA Contract Administration. "