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  • Description is exactly "Photographs and records of James Crisp, SLAC Staff Architect, donated by his wife, Nova Crisp and delivered to SLAC Archives by Nancy Lund, Portola Valley historian. Collection includes 1 binder of photos, 1 envelope of photos, 1 envelope of mixed memos and photos, 2 boxes of color slides, 2 framed photos. The larger framed photo is by Zawojski. The smaller framed collage of SLAC photos was presented to Jim Crisp in August 1968 with appreciation for his many contributions to SLAC. Some Photos in the collection are by Muffley and Quintero, most are of SLAC construction, newly completed buildings and landscaping. There are several landscaping and tree selection reports, some plant engineering memos and a memo from U.C.Berkeley Museum about Paleoparadoxia bones. Collection includes July 1966 memo from Panofsky about appointment of James Crisp as staff architect, reporting administratively to Plant Engineering and to the SLAC Director on architectural planning matters."