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  • Description is exactly "Reels of detector film from SLAC Experiment 18 [BC-18]. There are a total of 13 reels: twelve are 2 inch reels; one is a 1.5 inch reel. Box 1 label reads: Laser Misc. Test Films. (SLAC BC-18 used a backscattered laser beam.) One frame of roll 3050 reads: DESCRIPTION = HBC-II. 16GeV epsilon, 4.9GeV ?. May 20, 1969. Bowden. BC-18 Proposal was: A PROPOSAL FOR A 4.25-GeV gamma - DEUTERIUM EXPERIMENT IN THE SLAC 40-INCH BUBBLE CHAMBER. Spokesperson was Y. Eisenberg of Weizmann Institute. BC-18 group also included Joe Ballam "