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  • Description is exactly "Three reels of 16mm film by Lauren Dunbar/ Harbinger Films in a small box from: Monaco Labs, San Francisco. The packing slip/ receipt reads: Vault return, 12/14/2004. Formerly vaulted under: Lauren Dunbar/ Harbinger Films Moment of Creation - 16 mm Original Camera Negative & Workprint, in can, 2/1/88. SLAC, CR # 1-3, 16mm Original Camera Negative, in box. 2/4/88. Footage from SLAC - SLC shoots in April-May, 1987. Film Can 7.5 inches (contains two rolls). On film can top: Diner + Allied Film & Video Services, San Francisco Vault tag: Lauren Dunbar, Moment of Creation, Roll: 230Æ Orig. Neg. & WP. FTG: (from DinerÆs - #433). 2/1/88. Roll #1: Workprint, Roll #2: Neg. L. Dunbar. Head. Film box û 10x10x1.5 inches. On top of film box: Vault tag: Harbinger Films: SLAC. Neg: 16mm Orig. Roll: CR 1 1-3. FTG: 900Æ, 2/4/88 "